30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 16 – Favorite book turned movie

Read: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Stars: five
Movie-to-book skill: Exceeds Expectations

Drinking: Coffee (i know, i know)

Niffenegger’s debut novel is first and foremost a love story.  The time-travel is interesting and drives the plot, but it is incidental beside Claire and Henry’s devotion to one another.  That being said, the idea of an illness that causes time-travel is one of the most unique ideas in the genre.  

The novel traces Claire’s life from her first meeting with Henry, at age 6, when he is middle aged.  As she grown up, she learns about Henry’s time-travel illness as he visits her over the years at various ages.  Eventually, their timelines catch up (Henry is only a few years older than Claire, chronologically) and their love affair begins in earnest.  

What I love about this book is that it portrays two people very in love confronting a chronic illness – an unusual one, yes, but an illness that affects both of their lives, their relationship, and their decisions for the future.  

The movie is remarkably well done for an adaptation.  The film keeps the general plot, of course, but instead of sticking to the book and cutting important bits, the movie showed the film from Henry’s point of view more than Claire’s, as the book does.  Their love and struggles are laid out in the film just as well as in the book.  My only quibble is that they gratuitously changed the beautiful ending to the book for one that is a bit more pedestrian. 

30 Days of Books Challenge

Day 07 – A book that’s hard to read

Author: Lisa M Fry

Freelance writer & copy-editor. Book lover. Feminist. American in London.

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