30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 21 – A guilty pleasure book

Read: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
Stars: Three

Drinking: Classic Earl Grey, Fortnum & Mason

Hamilton’s Anita Blake series starts off with Guilty Pleasures, and the series is certainly a guilty pleasure for me.  The books are urban fantasy and romance mixed with a healthy dose of Mary-Sueism.  They are totally addicting.  Anita is a gorgeous, tough young woman with lots of attractive men swarming about her. She also has a cool job – “animating,” or raising the dead so that people can talk to them briefly.  As the series opens, she raises the dead for a living for legal or criminal questions.

Guilty Pleasures is, well, a guilty pleasure because it is complete chick lit urban fantasy.  Anita is supposed to be an everywoman with an interesting skill but as the series continues, she is less of an innocent animator and more of the star of an increasingly complicated romance novel.  She goes from one boyfriend, Richard the werewolf, to Jean-Claude the sexy vampire, to…multiple lovers.  And her special skills go from raising a few dead people to raising entire graveyards, being psychically linked to others and many more.  They are fun but completely unrealistic.  As long as you have a strong suspension of disbelief, you will love these.  I find they are excellent pool and bubble bath reads!

30 Days of Books Challenge

Day 07 – A book that’s hard to read

Author: Lisa M Fry

Freelance writer & copy-editor. Book lover. Feminist. American in London.

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