30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 26 – A book you wish would be written

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I am eagerly awaiting Brandon Sanderson’s second installment in the Stormlight Archives series.  Now that the Wheel of Time is wrapped up, I assume he’ll be working on it.  Sanderson’s website  shows a progress bar for the book at 0% thus far.

The first Stormlight Archives book, The Way of Kings, is the story of Kaladin, a soldier on the Shattered Plains caught in the pointless, endless war there.  The Way of Kings is his journey from starving slave to powerful leader.  It is an engrossing, if very long, story.  The worldbuilding, Sanderson’s specialty, is superb.

A side plot follows Shallan, a young woman seeking to study with scholar Jasnah Kholin.  Shallan has her own agenda beyond learning from Jasnah, however. Supposedly, the second Stormlight Archives volume will focus more on the two women.  Rather than being direct sequels, the other nine books will each feature a different protagonist as the main plots develop.  Kaladin will be in the story, but the books will not be focused on him as The Way of Kings is.

I recommend starting The Way of Kings now, since it is more than 1000 pages.  That way, you’ll be done by the time the second book is released.

30 Days of Books Challenge

Day 07 – A book that’s hard to read

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