Saturday Tea & Feminism


Every month on a Thursday morning a multicultural group of development workers gathers in the heart of Phnom Penh to discuss learning and experiences…The agenda varies every month, but it never drifts away from gender theories and practices.” (WhyDev)

Perhaps we are beginning to get beyond the idea that being a mother should eclipse all other parts of one’s life. I hope so.” (BookRiot)

Wait, what? “Feminism has succeeded, let’s move on.” (The Federalist)

Meanwhile, Andy Zeisler argues, “…feminism itself — the need for feminism and the many ways in which it’s an unfinished project — seems increasingly disconnected to that ‘cool feminism.’” (The Huffington Post)

I’m interested to see if Bloomberg’s new Gender Equality Index is actually meaningful and how it can be used. (Fortune)

In India, priestesses and goddesses lead the fight for women’s empowerment. (The Diplomat)



What do you think?

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