Saturday Tea & Feminism

Happy July! If you are in America, enjoy your long weekend and fireworks! If not, enjoy your July weekend!


Women need to be included in environmental policy, as they can have different relationships with the land and resources than men. (Huffington Post)

Unilver has pledged to stop using sexist stereotypes in its advertising. If only more companies would get on board. (LGBTQ Nation)

“Germaine Greer has said women take leadership positions in a male-dominated world and actually don’t make a difference. The controversial academic said this was the case because women ‘just behave like men’ to fit in.” Older feminists…please stop undermining the cause. I get your point, but your wording is not helping. (The Telegraph)

Andrea Tantaros’s ‘Tied Up In Knots’ reveals an important lesson. (New Republic)

Another new book, by Frank Browning, explores the fluidity of gender identity. (Maclean’s)

I reviewed the award-winning The Glorious Heresies.


What do you think?

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