Women Writers 2017 Reading Challenge

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This reading challenge is pretty simple: only read books by women writers for one year. Bonus: Review it in as many places as possible – blog, Goodreads, Twitter, smoke signals, whatever gets the word out about fabulous women writers. I’ll be using #womenwriters2017 on Twitter and Instagram

What counts? Any writer who identifies as a woman.That’s it. Books co-authored by men are ok, but a woman has to be one of the authors. If it’s a collection, one of the editors should be a woman OR at least half the entries should be by women.

Find a book by a man you really want to read? Add it to your TBR and read it in 2017.

Need suggestions? Check out the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, the Amelia Bloomer Project, VIDA, Persephone Books, or Our Shared Shelf for inspiration.

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Author: Lisa M Fry

Freelance writer & copy-editor. Book lover. Feminist. American in London.

7 thoughts on “Women Writers 2017 Reading Challenge”

      1. Wait, I’m confused. The rules (as I’ve just reread them, lololol) say the goal is to only read books by women, but you mention later on adding books by men to your TBR and reading them also? So…I mean… ??? (I’m asking because I said I’d participate in this challenge buuuuuuut then realized I’d overlooked the “only read women” — I thought it was more a “read MOSTLY women” or something? –bit and if it’s only women I’ll have to back out, as I *do* have book review requests and book tours/etc where I’ll be reading men.

        I mean, I don’t know why I was so confused honestly LMAO, if I’d read the rules closer I’d have known that. I just figured since I already read MOSTLY women writers I’d jump in, but a few men sneak in here and there. *shrugs* Let me know, I guess?!

        1. Books by men are added to the TBR for after the challenge 🙂 And I totally understand – it’s more of a take it as you can type challenge – obviously if you have commitments you will have to read them! It’s about celebrating women writers in a time when fewer women writers are reviewed and awarded than their male counterparts.

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